Top up in Switzerland


Topping up while been in Switzerland is tricky. If you top up by credit card there is a fee. If you top up via bank transfer to the U.K. account also includes a fee transferring money to other European countries does not.

Usually a debit card is not issued by banks what is issued though is a withdraw card (Plus). Please consider enabling payments to Swiss accounts or accepting PostFinance PLUS debit card. Thank you.


I toped up with a credit card and got 1% fee.

Is your revolut account working in switzerland ?
Are you swiss ?


1% is too much either I top up for free or not use it.

Yes it works in Switzerland


I agree. It would be nice to avoid the 1%

But I used it to buy something in USD yesterday via PayPal -
Without resolut PayPal would use my Swiss credit card and debit in CHF taking a nice profit. By asking PayPal to use my resolut MasterCard and bill in USD I save 4% over the rate PayPal would have used

So 4% saving with 1% cost - net 3% saving. I’m happy.

I’d be happier if I could top up in CHF for 0% though - to be clear :slight_smile:



Did someone ever tried to top up via bank transfer ?

what’s the fee for this ?

With SEPA there is a 0.30 chf fee but the transfert must be done in Euro.
So I have to convert it before send it and I lose arround 1,5% with swissquote.

Any other solution ?


I tried with PostFinance and I had to pay 2 CHF fee to transfer 500 CHF without converting to EUR.


Lucas, I’m with Swissquote as well. I transferred 100CHF and no extra fees were charged (only 2CHF for the transfer) after that I transferred 5000CHF and then 25CHF was deducted by the intermediaries so in case of swissquote it depends on the amount.


Ok thanks for the answer,
So I will do it with swissquote.

Do you know the maximum amount before it change from 2CHF to 25CHF ?


I topped up 10.- and got charged 21.- by my bank. Revolut is simply not usable in Switzerland for now.


Unfortunately not. I only made these 2 transfers so far.


Using UBS I get charged 5 CHF for swiss francs when I choose all charges to the receiver.
If I transfer Euro it’s 0.30cts, but you have to convert to Euros.


with BCV I paid 6 frs on a 5000 fr transfer. I selected “shared” expenses. It’s a flat fee


Post finance sent 1000 chf paid 8 chf fees although it was saying 2. Will not use it again.


The total fee for sending money from PostFinance to Revolut through SWIFT is the following:

  • 1-150 CHF = 2 CHF charged by PostFinance (total: 2 CHF)
  • 151-10000 CHF = 2 CHFcharged by PostFinance + 6 CHF taken from the amount sent (total: 8 CHF)
  • 10001-… = 2 CHF charged by PostFinance + 10 CHF taken from the amount sent (total: 12 CHF)

To be verified.

For big amounts it’s acceptable, but the bank fee is not 100% sure.
For small amounts it’s not acceptable - cheaper to use (a good) CC.


Have all 5000 CHF was credited to your Revolut account?


Yes. 5006 chf debited from BCV. 5000 chf credited to revolut account


Dont use UBS credit cards
CHF in foreigin countries applied a fee of 1.75%


I topped up 1000chf with swissquote,
Swissquote keep 2chf but I only received 975CHF on my account.
I selected “shared” expenses too.

As @christophetd say, it’s not usable in switzerland right now

@revolut, why don’t you use “global transfer”, they propose a acount in each country


@lucasT - I’ve added your data point to the summary for top-ups in Switzerland:


I topped up 2500 CHF via Postfinance SWIFT transfer and Received 2492 CHF. However, at the end of the month, Postfinanced charged me an additional 2.- for that transfer. So I guess its 8.- for the receiver bank and 2.- for Postfinance.

However, there are some Debit (Prepaid) Mastercards available in Switzerland for a yearly cost of about 40-50 CHF which is worth it if you use Revolut frequently. Those cards can be used to topup Revolut for free (except for their yearly fee).