Top-up from Danish account without fees


Hi everyone! New user here. Did a search of the community but I can’t find an answer to my question. I’m a British citizen but Danish resident, and my salary is paid in DKK into my Danish account. I want to top up my Revolut account from my Danish bank account but since it is going to a UK or a Euro account my bank treats it as an international transfer. I typically use TransferWise because they have a Scandinavian bank account so I don’t get charged bank fees (just the usual TransferWise fees). Does anybody have any suggestions how I can transfer money to my UK Revolut account for free? Thanks!


If you have a danish bank account - with a danish card connected - you just create a danish account in Revolut, add the card and do a top-up in DKK.
Your bank will see it as a card payment made in DKK and the money will be transferred without bank fees.


And then you afterwards transfer the money from your DKK revolut account to your UK revolut account


Hey Winnick!

Thanks so much for the excellent advice. I did exactly what you said with a £10/100DKK transfer and it went really smoothly. Now I just have to get the word out to colleagues paying international bank fees!

Really appreciate the info.

All the best!


glad it worked for you :slight_smile: