Took cash from sterling when two currencies on my card


I am a new user. I went to an ATM in Italy to withdraw some of the 500Euros on my card which I had converted yesterday. but also on the card is £505. The machine then took the money from the £505 giving me an inferior rate than I should have got. How do I stop this from happening. Dos it mean I convert ALL residual into Euros to force the machine to issue euros at the revolution rate otherwise this whole system is useless as a money saver


No. Under normal circumstances, you can have money in all the other currency accounts, and it should only take out from the national currency (e.g. Euros for an Italian ATM.) currency account.

Sounds like a DCC issue.


Thanks, in order to try to avoid this I am going to make sure all currency is in Euors for now and try to get more out today.
The markup on the 260.00 cost me 6.00euros loss yesterday , so I am not keen on losing anymore this way.
The best rate in London for cash would probably lose me less.
I take your point about DCC, and will for now avoid any DCC purchases as another foil to being ripped off, however at present Revolut is not doing what I thought it would.
I appreciate your timely and helpful thoughts


Well, seeing what you’ve written and the way you have, I can only say- RTFM / FAQ.
Revolut’s not there to replace your brain and rational thinking.

Even more, it does require some thinking and knowledge of how the product works. As you can see yourself, the international currency market is complicated. This service is as simple as it can, but not fool-proof.

Have a good day. And yeah, luckily, your conclusions are finally reasonable- convert before the weekend and don’t use DCC.


He isn’t using DCC - the system seems to do it AUTOMATICALLY - it is not even the merchant.
The REAL question that is NOT being answered is "HOW DO YOU STOP THIS OCCURRING?"
Can it be done via Revolut ?
And who/what is causing this to happen automatically? It is the Bank or Revolut that is causing what I would describe as a fraud ?


To be sure - at time you took EUR 500 from ATM you had exactly EUR 500 and GBP 505 at Revolut?


Can you provide details of what selections you made at the terminal?


Let’s keep this constructive.

In addition, it appears that the machine opted for DCC automatically, rather than the customer selecting it manually.


I was just as constructive as I could be. Look at the post date and what the OP said.

  • Converting EUR on the weekend and then complaining for the markup
  • Wondering that the “machine took money from GBP account”.
  • He gave no precise details whatsoever on what really happened- we know the GBP account was charged, but we don’t know what currency it was charged with! That’d let us determine if there was not enough EURos or if there was DCC.

It clearly shows the guy barely has an idea on how this thing works and, likewise, has no idea about DCC- asking why it happened.

If he’d provided clear information, we’d be able to help. But oh well, if he’d that information, he wouldn’t have posted here :slight_smile:

Just as I said- this is complicated, so gotta be careful and know what you’re doing first. Criticize Revolut later.