Title: How can I get a local IBAN for my Revolut Business account?

Hello wonderful Community,

We know lots of you are eager to get a local IBAN for your Business account as it makes daily payments — and business — faster and easier. For this reason, our teams are always working hard to bring local IBANs to more and more countries.

Before, all Revolut customers used an IBAN issued from Lithuania. Recently, we were able to migrate customers in certain countries over to a local IBAN from their country. Below, we break down the countries that can now enjoy a local IBAN.

If you have a Revolut Business account, but your country isn’t listed below, please leave a comment showing your interest and don’t forget to let us know where your business is based. :rocket:

France: :fr:

All of our French Revolut Business customers have now been migrated from our Lithuanian IBAN to a local French (FR) one. If you have a Revolut Business account registered in France, you should now have a FR IBAN. All new sign-ups in France will be provided with a FR IBAN.

Ireland: :ireland:

Revolut Business customers from Ireland can now use a local, Irish IBAN (IE). All Revolut Business new joiners will get an Irish IBAN straight away, and existing Business customers should already have one.

Spain: :es:

If you have a Revolut Business account based in Spain, you’ll soon be able to benefit from a Spanish IBAN. We’ll be migrating Spanish Business accounts to Spanish IBANs in batches, but very soon all Revolut Business customers in Spain will be able to use a local IBAN (ES).

Other helpful information: :grey_question:

Pre-existing Lithuanian IBAN (LT) numbers will remain active for the next 12 months after your migration to help make the transition as easy as possible and avoid any disruptions to your business and payments as usual. After those ‌12 months, your previous LT IBAN will become inactive.

If you don’t want us to migrate your account to a local IBAN, you can cancel your account for free at any time, before or after receiving the local IBAN. Once your IBAN is migrated to a local one, you’ll be able to continue using all our services in the same way as you did with Lithuanian IBAN.

As we mentioned, let us know in the comments below if you want to see local IBANs brought to your country soon! :rocket:

Pere | Community team