taking card to america

hi, i was looking into this card to take to florida in july. am i safer taking dollars in cash with me also and just use the card for card transactions or take the dollars out when im over there? is there bank charges for using the card for card transactions in a difference currency, sorry about the rant. so confused as to what to do.

thanks for your help in advance.

You’d have a limit of 200, after which you will be charged for each withdrawal (it also could be that the ATM charges you before that but that is out of Revolut’s control). Cash is generally always the safest option though (well, not taking into account any criminal incidents :slight_smile: ).

So I’d try to pay as much as I can by card and have some backup cash.

Hi, thank you for your reply! Should I just have the money in sterling and convert when I’m over there or convert before I go?

It depends. On the weekend there is a 0.5% fee for exchanging. This means that before a weekend it might be a good idea of exchange before hand. In order to get the best rate.

If you dont plan larger transactions on the weekend it does not matter (unless the rate is going to change dramatically of course). Otherwise it might be a good idea to exchange beforehand, to avoid the weekend surcharge. But if you exchange more than you will need you might also lose out when you then have to eventually exchange it back to GBP.


Thank you for your help.