SWITZERLAND - Top-up --> working method = TW, and direct to shared Rev account

…careful with your choice of arguments!
If you want to go down the “signed a contract”-argumentationroute, questions might arise why people are now “public betatesters for changes” without signing a contract, OR why there was no warning in advance that they are now part of “testing”, nor a message of “ongoing changes within the top-up-process within next few weeks” giving a specific timeframe where reoccuring top-ups will NOT work due to the many changes AND how this could be interpreted as breach of the contract between users and revolut (can’t use the service as “r” keeps messing with the system)

Remember the other threads where we “discussed” why swiss customers getting more and more annoyed with revolut? Add “now, we can’t even have reoccuring topups anymore as revolut changes the requirements on an almost daily basis” to the “Another thing that used to work”-List.

Just think about this: we swiss don’t have a reliable topup-method anymore (except using Transferwise, a direct competitor to revolut); cards may or may have not fees, CHF-iban has changing reference-requirements leading to a sh…tload of rejected topups, depending uppon the changes (and enforcing them), users from certain banks can’t use that bank to enter the topup (no “new line” features in online-apps)…

As said before: if they want to get rid of swiss customers, they sould send an e-mail, telling they’re leaving swiss market and to transfer the money out, refunding payed services aso, and “go with honor”. But not continuisly making the service miserable for customers.

Wait, weren’t you the one who didn’t want to test those Beta-cards? :sweat_smile::wink:

I agreed to receiving a card; wouldn’t have signed up should they have mentioned it wasn’t mobile payments compatible.

So it’s all Swiss customers?

That’s just a change in the product offering. They’re not beta testing you, it’s their product.

Close the account if you don’t like it, or join the EEA and then have a less complicated set of agreements for Revolut to navigate.

My bank does not allow commas in the reference field and it is also one line maximum 16 characters. So I have no possibility to enter the three lines separated by commas.

I just got my top up reverted as well. The problem is that my bank does not allow me to put commas in a wire transfer reference text. Has anyone had the same problem?

Thanks to this change made for Swiss users I am facing problems.

I transferred money on Monday from my Bank account to the Revolut account using the new information needed, 8 digit number, name and country (on Monday was Switzerland).
My bank immediately processed the transfer, the day after I received a notification from Revolut App which was telling to me that there was a problem with the information provided and they were not able to assign the money to my account. that means they received money and they recognize I am the beneficary but they did not put the money on the account.

At the begninning I tought I used wrong details to do the transfer but I was surprise to see that Revolut change the information needed. So basically I did the transfer with Switzerland as country on Monday but they swap to “CH” on Tuesday

Now I am fighting with the support to have my money back, yesterday I was able to speak with someone, today I am still pending for a live agent since like 2 hours.

This is really making me angry.


Hello Together

I can only advise against this app. No money can be transferred from Switzerland.
This week the money was rejected twice!


No solution for Swiss customers!

I had no issues at all. My top up of 400 CHF I made on the morning of the 4th october with the old details was sucessfully transfered to my Revolut Account. I recieved the mail in the evening of the 4th octobre. So I was really unsure if it works. Next time I will using the new details from now on.

Since I don’t like to give up on technical problems, I searched for a solution to include commas in the reference text to match the new Revolut format. I finally found out that I could not type in commas using my bank’s app (I’m with Credit Agricole Next Bank) but I could paste a comma.

I have initiated a transfer that follows exactly the format that @the-mike suggested. I hope it will go through this time. If I don’t post here anymore, it means it has worked.

I hope this solves the problem!

Can someone explain to their top up team that COMMAS are NOT ACCEPTED by the Swift system banks are using for wire transfers??? I spend 1 hour chatting with support trying to explain that they should not request special characters in the references!!!

Brilliant… how about we make things even more complicated.

Unfortunately, my banking apps (as well as the web interfaces) for all my accounts only show two lines. How do I handle that?!

Today my sister also revived her payment with the new details and we have an umlaut in our surname. She transfered the money from her NAB (Neue Aargauer Bank) account to CS-IBAN. Maybe it works because NAB is a subcompany from CS and they using the same bank system (Same onlinebanking).

You are by a wrong bank if they change the text without your knowing. I think it is not revolut having problems with umlauts. It is your bank.

Hi all,
I had also a bank transfer refused by Revolut, altough I had input all my details when I setup the payment.
I’ve tried to contact the help-desk but all they were able to tell me is that the transfer was rejected due to an error in the account details. This is quite frustrating.
I wonder if there’s a maximum number of characters I exceeded, but the app doesn’t say anything about it.

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After killing local transfers for non-Swiss residents, this is another regulatory requirement imposed by Credit Suisse I presume?

revolut is unusable now

Yes, i have an “ü” in my Name. Horror.
And when you write “Switzerland” instead “CH”. Does not work!

…just to make you see HOW WRONG you are again:
The Credit-Suisse account for swiss topups is within Switzerland, and is using the same system as all the other swiss banks. (Edit: swiss bank transfer from a swiss bank to another swiss bank, the money doesn’t even leave switzerland)

Meaning: EEA isn’t the issue! (btw what are you recommending norwegian, polish and hungarian users?)

And, as the changes affect all swiss users from revolut as at least revolut isn’t changing the system for certain users only, I’m pretty sure ALL SWISS USERS are affected.

@AndreasK hey i’m surprised on what certain users are allowed to post in this community, while others get their posts killed for far less…

wish i’d have a solution - other than “using transferwise to topup”…
…but, other than recchan, my posts get deleted, especially when i have to recommend revolut’s competitor to solve an issue artificially created by revolut…

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I don’t think so.
Bank transfers with just receiving-bank, and then allocating the amount by reference-number is a very common thing here in switzerland (eg “orange payslip”); the wiring just emulated the payslip, with the reference-number (that, i assume, was unique for each revolut-user)…
As Credit Suisse is handling all sorts of “swiss payments” (wiring, orange and red payslips, twint, aso), i’m pretty sure the issue cannot be originated on their side…

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To conclude:

  • Nothing has changed for SWIFT transfers
  • Write the name as it is on your card even if it is different due to umlauts or accents (é, è etc)
  • line breaks are not necessary (shown by my test top ups)
  • failed transfers will be sent back automatically within 1-3 days