Support for NFC implant

Just got upgraded with a NFC implant (NTAG216) in my hand and Im exited.

Would love to be able to use this with Revolut.

Are you looking in to these “new” types of hardware?


I totally support this.

Fits very well into the company’s “new age banking” philosophy, too.

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Hi there,

I’ve also got an xNT implant and can confirm it’s not up to the modern banking standards required for contactless payment. You can read more about this on the DangerousThings forum and how they’re trying to get a payment approved chip.

The NTAG216 cannot do the cryptographic functions required for card payment. They’re in the process of trying to approve a cryptographic implant like the “Vivokey” for the MasterCard payment network


I’d much prefer we didn’t do this. How would it even work, you get a new chip implanted every couple of years?

Wouldn’t it also be awkward to be like “card please” and then to just hold your hand onto the reader.

Just carry a card or get some other form of NFC, like a wristwatch.


I mean, at the end of the day it would be option so whilst you don’t want it, other people might.

I don’t see why you’d need a new one every couple of years when you could just do something like refresh the cryptographic keys in the chip.

Don’t see how that’d be awkward, you’d pay and be on your way. If nothing else it’s a good convo starter! I know my one currently is to get through the barriers at work :slight_smile:

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Would it be an option that’s viable? How are you going to work out a chip implant that goes across 30+ countries that’s affordable?

How are we going to do this? With a WiFi connection? Now Revolut can track you. I have extreme concerns about this technology and the second Revolut leans towards it I will abandon the product. I’m sure many else will also.

I call on @anon33247966 to speak to someone and get this completely ruled out. It’s a huge step to reducing our right to privacy and should be illegal.

Chip implants already work and are in progress. They just don’t possess the ability to make payments.

How would a chip that small have a wifi connection? This is highly illogical and right now more than impossible. The updating process could be done via NFC.

I don’t see how this optional idea about what other people might want would make you run away from a platform?

Like I’ve started this isn’t possible anyway. It is all theory and right now no card issuers are allowing for implant based payments anyway.

I don’t see how this is reducing our rights to privacy if its optional and works in the way it currently does (i have a chip in my left hand) which is it requires power from the device reading it and can only be read at about 0.5cm of distance. I suggest you read up on it :slight_smile:

I don’t see why Andreas needs to rule out something which is entirely impossible right now.

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How does Revolut know what keys you have and to authenticate them, if you don’t update them on both the server (Revolut) and the client(your chip) as such, I think you’d require an Internet connection.

It’s the start of a terrifying future.

Good. It should stay that way.

What happens if they need to update your authentication keys? Do they fit you with a new chip? Depending on how it works, I’m fine with this technology,but not if it requires an internet connection at all. If it doesn’t require one then I think it’s actually quite a smart idea, although I’m unsure how to scale it to 3M potential users.

Wow this escalated…I think it would be good to read a bit more about the technology thats available today.
There will be more hardware on the market and the issuer does not necessarily need to provide all users with all hardware. If Revolut will add apple pay i dont think they will provide all users with iPhones.
Look at there you have a MasterCard accepted chip in a watch bracelet.
Read about tokenization, its really interesting and would solve many of the issues raised here. Im looking forward to see what will happen to

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Definitely, tokenisation is the name of the game here :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to Fidesmo being a approved payment processor, i know they’re trying to get authorization

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I wonder if there are any news regarding Fidesmo? Could be great to have that supported…

@Recchan you totally misunderstood that technology. It’s much simpler than you think, Rick solid and privacy supportive.

I don’t disagree with you, I am as it stands today, happy to say I support the inclusion of NFC payments via implants.