Stuck due to IPhone lost

Hi all,

Could you help with this? I lost my smartphone a week ago and now bought a new one with a new number (an Italian one this time/not English)
I downloaded the app again but once I click on “change the phone number” it keeps asking for a Passcode that I don’t know. I tired to create a new one but my card cannot be linked up to it. Please help me as I really need to be able to use my money. Hope to get a response back asap

Hey @Chasegr :slight_smile:

When you created an account with your previous phone number, you set up a passcode (even if you used your fingerprint). That’s the one you need! :smile:

If you forgot it, you’ll need to speak to the support team.

EDIT: nevermind. If you created a new account (which is not recommended) you’ll need to get in touch with support anyway because you have a duplicate account now. You can’t transfer cards from one account to another :frowning:

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Hey! Send me a direct message I can help :slight_smile:


Hi can you help me? I am totally stuck since I lost my iPhone and can’t get access onto my account. I create a duplicate of my new one which I had not

He isn’t able to send you DM. He has joined 3hrs ago :wink:

I’ve changed the settings :slight_smile: We’re in touch.


Could you help with this issue?

Please check your inbox.

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Hi Andreas,

I am having a similar issue, I was hoping you could help or point me in the direction of someone who can?