Stay away! Money lost; apparently forever. Solved


I transferred money (more than 1000 CHF) to a friend’s account via the bank transfer top-up function.

Unfortunately, Revolut accounts for swiss citizens only come with a UK IBAN (GB…). That means if a transfer from a swss bank is made to Revolut in CHF (ergo no SEPA) the reference number is lost. This of course wouldn’t be much of a problem. What causes the problem is that Revolut refuses to handle this issue for two reasons:

  1. Although the (target) IBAN and a screenshot with the reference number has been sent to support, they say they are unable to identify the payment

  2. As the beneficiary was my friend and not me, I can’t do anything about the lost money anyway (according to Revolut)

Since the idea of free banking and low rates doesnt seem so appealing after losing money worth more than GBP 1000.00, I believe I won’t be using Revolut anymore.

Luckily, both Switzerland and the UK have signed the Lugano Convention, which makes it easier for “finance victims” to find justice.

Summary: stay away from Revolut, if you can’t afford to lose some serious cash.


This is very concerning to me. I am yet to receive 3900 euros paid to me in 22.12 I keep getting told it will be with me within 1 working day but still not arrived…


Hi, please remember about and First of all, @DennisCN you cannot blame Revolut for:

  • you don’t read terms and FAQ
  • policy about founds fraud policy, only personal IBAN/Local account can be topped up by anybody. The polled account can be ONLY topped by our self and including the reference number. In this case, @paull your account should be topped up today before COB as I thought if you use SEPA as a transfer method. Personal IBAN is accessible for EUR and Local code in UK for GBP account.

Unsuccessfully topup to pooled account will be returned to sender account as I know. But, some commison can be applied. @AndreasK probably will give you further information. You should ask in app support what will heppen with founds sended not to our own account.


Revolut’s in-app support confirmed to me just yesterday that they DO accept third party transfers into pooled accounts. I sincerely hope that is correct, since afterwards I sent a significant amount that way.


The policy has changed sometime ago, third party transfer’s into the pooled accounts are now allowed


@kylo32 I’m not entirely sure what you mean with bullet point number one, accusing me of not reading the T&Cs. You are probably referring to the paragraph about non EUR/GBP transfers. The problem is, that most banks in Switzerland don’t allow you to use a reference number if the payment is nonSEPA, which it, if its in CHF. However, there might be banks which can comply with Revolut’s T&Cs.


Oh… Can you give me a point where I can find it? In 8.5 there is information about “third party (as applicable)”, I can not see a paragraph with information about this.

Yes, as I know only transfer from an account registered to you, and maybe I might be wrong. I only once transfer funds via bank transfer to revolut to pooled account.


Update: Although the support reps refused to find a solution for the above issue, somebody following the discussion in this forum was capable to look into the matter and magically “find” the missing money so it could be forwarded to the beneficiary after a quick discussion.

Hence, only the professionalism of the support staff is questionable, not the company’s behaviour per se.


Hi Dennis.

I can see the transfer in the beneficiary’s account, it took a bit longer due to Christmas holidays.


Hi Andreas, thanks for the feedback. Rather questionable excuse though, as I have screenshots of messages from your colleagues in which they say they won’t do anything. The reason the money was transferred to the beneficiary was the threat of legal action - Christmas had very little to do with that.

Best, Dennis


Thanks for clarifying this. I’ve no reason to lie :slight_smile: Could you please send me via direct message your chat history, as we would like to review it.


Looking for advice here with a similar issue.

My father sent me a large sum of £ transfer from his Santander account on 19th December, marked as completed by their servers on 20th. He used the exact local GBP account details from a prior successful transfer from that account (using the payee details saved from that previous transaction).

The money has not arrived, seems to be stuck in the ether and I have been told categorically today by support that there is no evidence of this transfer, despite providing transfer confirmation codes, notarised documents and screenshots to support this.

The delay has resulted in a sale completion legal notice (it was to help me buy my first home). This leaves me liable for interest on the remaining balance of the sale (including the mortgage, as Bank won’t issue funds until I have the missing cash) and the potential for the cancellation of the sale and FORFEIT of my deposit - almost £30,000.

Any advise on my next course would be gratefully received. I was a firm proponent of Revolut before this, but the prospect of financial ruin far outweighs any benefit to date.



Hi Micheal,

I’ll mention staff @AndreasK / @jessicaszabla so they can assist you.



Any resolution to this?


Pls I need help closing my account, I need the money in my account for an emergency. I have been trying to get someone todo this since 20 hrs ago . This is highly unacceptable. I need my account closed and the card I ordered stopped with my money back . I wish I never signed up to this . This is really bad customer service. I have a serious emergency to deal with and can’t get hold of a live agent


Hi there. Oh no, really sorry to hear that😰Drop me a DM and I’ll look right into this.


I’ve replied to your previous message.


Cheers for the help Q


After almost a month, we finally got a resolution yesterday.

Andreas kindly got in touch as you will see in this thread, and we were working to fix the situation (Thanks Andreas). In the interim however, I got an email back from modulr, revolut’s 3rd party payment processor. I had been in contact with them directly a few weeks ago trying to trace the funds, having gotten absolutely nowhere with in-app support. Modulr had been looking into the issue for me also as a result.

Their email stated that their banking partner - prepay solutions/Barclays (a 4th party!) had traced the funds. They were finally credited to my account on 16/01/18, almost a full month after they were first sent from my father’s Santander account. A relief, but completely unacceptable!

There is not yet a full explanation for what happened. Unfortunately it seems that if I had not contacted them directly and hassled them myself, this may not have been resolved at all and I would have ended up forfeiting my savings to the vendor. I was lucky enough that the guy I dealt with from Modulr was quite efficient. I should have the full explanation of what went wrong in a few days (hopefully quicker than the transfer anyway) and I will update the thread at that point.

Cheers all for help.


Thanks for the detailed feedback! Glad you got your money back.
I suspect after a while some kind of automated process would have kicked it at the 4th party to deal with the stuck funds, one way or another.