Split Bill in Analytics


Hey everyone! I have a suggestion for Revolut.

When my partner buys a Ryanair trip for the both of us, for example for 40€, he can “split the bill” and make me pay half (so 20€). I can then categorize those 20€ as being “Travel”, so that the Analytics tab recognizes I spend 20€ in travelling this month.

However, if I’m the one spending those 40€ and splitting the bill, the Analytics tab will always understand that I spent 40€ in travelling, even though the bill was split. It would be nice if splitting the bill would adjust the amount you spent in the Analytics tab as well.

Best regards.


+1 - analytics don’t take into account split bills. They also don’t account for fraud and chargebacks e.g. my card was compromised and €235 spent on flights. I later received a chargeback for this but my analytics still shows that money havening been spent on travel.


This is still relevant. Especially with the budget feature, the split bills should be taken in consideration!


Agreed, the inability of the Analytics tab to recognise and take account of Split Bills means that my budget will display well over what I have actually spent.

It would additionally be useful if it took note of what money went to Vaults in round ups.