Split better



The split bill feature is not good enough as is.

  1. it’s hard to track which bills you have and haven’t settled on

It should say on the transaction the status: requested, settled. Additionally as you manually split each bill it’s easy to forget which you haven’t and haven’t requested. Also when they expire it does not tell you this.

  1. it’s too manual. You should be able to tag an expense with names of those you’d like to split with or groups you belong to that you’d like to split with e.g. housemates. Then you should be able to click settle debts and automatically request and then settle debts with all those people you have tagged.

  2. is you split bills your analytics is not adjusted to account for it. E.g. if I spend £1000 one month for 2 people. It does not correct itself to say I spent £500 of my own money.

Overall I think the split bill feature is not good enough to use currently. I’ve used splitwise and I recommend you integrate with or copy them

Ps I love revolut otherwise but It needs to get better than others doing the same thing!