Spare Change Accelerator


In the last app update on iOS the “Spare Change Accellerator” was announced. I don’t see this available in the app after installing it.

Are there settingsto choose what the spare change is accelerated by?


Pretty easy :slight_smile:
Go to vaults ,choose which vault you want ,then press on it, after that press fund and last bit click on spare change
After that you can turn multiplier on :+1:


For clarification, if spare change is already on, you first need to disable it before you can change the multiplier.


I don’t have to disable it to change multiplier. Just press (spare change) change to desired and save :slight_smile:


You are right, my bad. Either my UI was in an undefined state earlier or - maybe more likely - I simply missed it before :blush:


Confusing me :joy:


but confus-ed me :wink: