Skipping the queue:


I’ve been on the 300ish spot in queue for more than a month now, even if I have already invited two companies.
At some point, the “Application” tab stated that “My business has been reviewed”, but now it’s back to “spot 375 in the priority list”.

I have already invited two other companies a month ago, but at times my queue is STILL INCREASING!!!

How do these lists work?
Can someone please let us know?

@rafael_revolut? a month on the pre-boarding queue? something is certainly wrong there

Hello @blastproofcoding

Please accept my apologies for long onboarding time. Indeed, it took some time to get your account activated but from what I have seen, it was due to gathering required documentation.

I am happy to let you know, that account has been activated yesterday though. Let us know here or on chat if any further assistance is required from our end.

Best regards,

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I kinda need a little bit of assistance.

1.It’s been 3 days since I have this message in my accounts tab:
“Your bank account details are being created…
It can take up to 24 hours. We will notify you by e-mail when it is done.”
Means I can’t top up, and I can’t use the account. It being activated without being usable is not much help.

  1. I can’t request IBANs. I tap the “Request IBANs” button in the Settings and the Accounts tab, just nothing happens at all.

I’ve also talked to support on chat about this, but they said they’ll “escalate the issue to the relevant team”. More than 72hrs passed since, and no answer from anyone.

the advanced onboarding process can be quite long (it took over a month for me).

they will contact you to collect all documentation as soon as possible, that queue moves slowly.
after that step is finished they’ll send your documents to saxo for approval and after they come back with the approval you’ll have your unique multicurrency IBAN for SWIFT transfers.

in the mean time you only have the individual UK account and SEPA IBAN. if you didn’t get those yet there is a problem, but I’m sure @rafael_revolut can get someone on the chat for you

Apparently after another week, @rafael_revolut didn’t.
I have received no response whatsoever on my messages from June 19th.

Hi @blastproofcoding

Your request is in our system and we will forward the information provided by you during the initial sign up to the relevant team. As soon as we have an update on the status of your application, we will let you know.


That is exactly what has been told to me on 19th of June.


unfortunately this process is measured in weeks, not days. it can easily be 2-3 weeks before you get to the front of the queue and just then they’ll start preparing your actual application.