Show card top-up limit in app

I would like to suggest that the limit for card top-ups is shown in the app. As it is, the only way to determine your limit is through trial and error, which clearly is not ideal. I believe I read somewhere that this functionality used to exist but was removed – if that was done for a good reason, I would be interested to know what it was.


This is intended. It’s a security mechanism. (The limit you were reading about was a different limit, not specific to card top ups.)

Thanks. If I understand you correctly, the intent of not having visibility of the limit is to improve security for the user. I don’t quite get how this works in practice, though. If someone gets hold of your card (or the CVV) and your unlocked phone and your code for Revolut, then they can go through the same trial-and error process that you as a user go through and still max out the card. How does this make things more secure for the user?

It’s not just user security. Revolut makes the money available for you immediately before the card payment (top up) is settled. They’re looking probably for all kinds of things like identity, credit card surfing, money laundering …

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I fully understand that there may be security concerns. What is still not clear is how not showing the limit in the app increases security. Like I wrote above, the trial-and-error approach still maxes out the card – Revolut’s exposure is not reduced.

Well, one guess is they don’t want to make it convenient to max out the limit for newly added cards. This could be relevant to prevent card not present fraud.

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Im using :r: for almost 5 years now. At the beginning, there was an amount in your account which you can top up. Now you cant see this amount anymore. Does anyone know what is a top-up limit for “Metal” user ?

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Aha, so there was such a thing before! I would be interested in why it was removed.

Like I said, this is a very different limit.

When Revolut started in 2015, all customers had a limit for ALL top ups, whether with cards, inbound transfers, every incoming penny counted. For all incoming money above this limit (something like 15.000 GBP / 30.000 EUR , can’t remember), you had to provide source of funds paperwork. This limit was a yearly limit and would reset after 12 months, starting from the date you opened the account.

The app would show you how much of your “allowance” you’ve used. THIS top up limit was removed. The security limit for newly added cards is unrelated to this.

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Thanks Frank. What is the difference between newly added cards and cards that have been used for a longer time?

You’ve used them more often for top ups.

That is quite obvious, but you seemed to suggest that Revolut treats newly added cards differently or that one of the rationales for not showing a top-up limit would be to protect Revolut from issues with new cards. If there is indeed a differentiation between newly added cards and those that the user has used for a long time, then why not show a top-up limit for the latter?

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