Shortcomings of using Revolut...


Using Revolut abroad is not always as easy as using a credit card. I found the following to be a problem, so I would like to give Revolut management teams an opportunity to work on these. I want to avoid having to carry a credit card to use when Revolut doesn’t work.
Have you found similar problems? Please tell us…

In France - motorway filling stations
In France - hotel pre-authorisations get charged, even if the hotel cancels them without debiting, and it’s a hassle to get the money refunded by Revolut
In Brazil - car hire companies
In India - hotel pre-authorisations card not accepted
In India - car hire companies



Car hire companies don’t work because you need a credit card (Revolut is debit card).

Think logically, if you damage their car, they will charge you the cost of the repair. If you have Revolut, they can’t charge you more than you have on your account, whereas they can do it with credit card because you are billed at the end of the month for what you’ve spent during that period. By only allowing credit cards, car hire companies can protect themselves from you not being able to pay for the damage because of insufficient funds on your Revolut (debit card) account.


I tried it out of curiosity:

  • worked for me with Europcar in Switzerland. They blocked a guarantee on the card, and after returning the car (2 days after) released it charging only the agreed amount.

Though, the form said they need an embossed card are they not able to accept any “prepaid” cards.


Same issue with pre authorization for an hotel.
Money is not automatically credit backed up