Shared fees (SHA)


I’m wondering to find a list of fees or to know how can i calculate the fees with SHA (Shared fees) international bank transfer (not for Revolut Business)

I’ve a bank account in Swiss (IBAN : CH…) with SHA fees, i’ve 4 CHF by the Swiss Bank Fees

I would like to know or calculate with SHA fees on my Revolut account in France (IBAN : FR…) with SHA fees, what will be the fees when the money comes on the bank account


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There is no list for SWIFT intermediary fees available due to the nature of how fees are charged during SWIFT transfers. If you need absolute control over the transfer fees, I suggest to rely on other services that provide that.

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Hello @Fellerson :wave: ,

Welcome to our community. Let me help you with some information regarding fees.

We don’t charge for a bank transfer inside the SEPA region. Outside this region and outside the UK, a small fee is charged. We always show you our fees before you send a bank transfer. You can check more details in this FAQ link - What are the fees for sending a bank transfer? :arrow_backward:

Revolut does not charge any fees when adding money via bank transfer to your account. However, non-Revolut fees may apply.

  • For local transfers, your external bank might apply fees for making transfers
  • For International (SWIFT) transfers, your external bank might apply fees, and intermediary banks may charge handling fees of around $15 - $50

For more details, you can check this FAQ link - Are there any fees for adding money with a bank transfer? :arrow_backward:

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