Selling on Amazon USA from the UK

Hi All,

If you are selling on Amazon USA, and they pay you in $ to a bank account, can you use Revolut to collect that money?

At the moment my friend is using currency direct to collect the money from Amazon in $ and then converts to £ to send to his UK bank account. But can Revolut be an alternative?


you need a local (ACH) account to receive the payments, from that local account you do a SWIFT transfer to revolut, convert to GBP, and do a fast payment transfer to your GBP account in the UK.

you can get a local account from transferwise (borderless) or for example. payoneer will take a larger cut but they offer local accounts on other currencies you might find interesting.

Edit: local bank accounts in USA are supposed to be coming to :r:evolut soon and that would save us a lot of juggling

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So do revolut give US bank accounts yet to receive payments from Amazon in USD?

Not yet. Receiving on a transferwise borderless account and then moving the USD to Revolut for exchange is still the best option.