See IBAN of sender when receiving money (or 'send back'-button)

Hi guys, just registered to post my idea.

In short
When I receive money from someone I really miss the opportunity to see the IBAN of the sender.


When someone send you money and you open this transaction, implement a button to quickly open a transaction window to transfer money back to the sender (but giving you the opporunity to change the amount you transfer back)

Last month I organised an event for 10 people. They all transferred me money for this event. Now it seems there is some spare money and I want to send this back to them, but… I can’t… Their IBAN is not visible, I can’t find it anywhere in the app (also not when I extract a monthly overview in PDF/.Xls. So I have to ask my participants individually their IBAN and Name in order to send them their money back.

I am surprised something this (for me) simple and crucial is not implemented in the app (yet).

Hopefully my input will help the development and usability of Revolut in the future.

Thank you,


This is something that is discussed industry wide. Some banks show a sender’s IBAN, some do not. Banks often argue with privacy concerns. This might also be different for e-money companies compared to regular banks.

OK, I don’t need to see/know the sender’s IBAN, but can I -at least- know who the sender is?? When I receive money I only see "top-up via transfer” and this is not enough information for a business account that will be getting payments from many different payees

You might want to raise this in the „Revolut for Business“ section of this forum. The team following that section can help you better with all business account related things.

I will, thank you Frank!

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As mentioned in the comments below, this is something discussed in the industry, some banks show it, others do not. Also you must know that Revolut is British, and the British pay tremendous attention to privacy and confidentiality… They take these principles to the extreme, even in cases like these where it is quite ridiculous as knowing the sender IBAN is harmless, as you cannot do anything bad with it apart from sending money to the IBAN’s beneficiary