Say hello to Stays 🏖


Here we go, jet-setters. Travel is back. And we’ve been working on something special to supercharge your next vacation: Revolut Stays.

With Stays, you can discover, book and spend with confidence at destinations all over the world. You’ll get exclusive rates, no booking fees charged by us and up to 10% instant cashback, so you’ll have more money to spend when you’re actually on holiday.

We’re not done yet – booking your Stay is just the beginning. From hassle-free bill splitting to travel insurance and airport lounge access, we’ve got everything you need for a silky smooth travel experience. Click here to learn more: Introducing Revolut Stays

T&Cs apply. UK only. Coming to your country soon.

Team Revolut

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When will this be extended to non-UK customers?

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@Rodriguez Hello I would like to cancel my waitlist selected the country I reside in and not my passport country please help

I am living in Greece and I plan to visit the UK. I wanted to use stays to book my accommodation. Unfortunately, I do not even have the option “stays” in my app.