Salary Payment Timeframe

bonjour, à quelle heure percevez-vous vos virements de salaire?

merci pour vos réponses,


Hi @bcrn and welcome to our Community :wave:

Transfer processing times vary based on location and currency.

If you are unsure of which transfer method was used, please confirm with the sender bank.

:eu: Receiving Euro:

Regular SEPA: 1–2 business days

SEPA Instant: Within a few minutes.

:uk: Receiving GBP:

Faster Payments (FPS): Within a few hours but up to 1 business day

Salary payments (usually BACS): 2–3 business days

CHAPS: Up to 1 business day

:earth_africa: International transfers:

SWIFT transfers: up to 5 business days.

If you haven’t received the transfer after the time frame has passed, tap here.

PS: Just to let you know that our Community is an English-based forum :handshake:

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Mariana Rodrigues I Community Manager

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je sais comment fonctionnent les virements sepa, toutefois, les heures auxquelles les virements non instantanés sont crédités varient d’une banque à l’autre et je souhaiterais savoir si les mouvements bancaires suite à la réception d’un virement de salaire s’effectuent plutôt en début, milieu de matinée ou dans l’après-midi chez revolut

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@bcrn Bonjour.
vous trouverez peut-être [cette référence] depuis Service-Public (en Francais) utile.


merci de votre aide mais ça ne répond pas à ma question

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If you are based in the UK, you can get the Early Salary option, stated here. If you are based in EEA, your salary transfer will be processed as a normal SEPA transfer, and the above-mentioned timeframe will apply.

At Revolut, we cannot provide you with a timeframe such as morning, afternoon or evening.

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mais lu avec l’autre réponse de @Mariana_Rodrigues je pense que cela donne une vue d’ensemble :wink:


Every (SEPA) transfer I have done or received via Revolut was booked in real-time or with only a very short delay. The best story, last year on a sunday(!) on a camping site at the baltic sea, I transfered my part of the camping fee to a female friend who was sitting opposite me, right in the moment when I was hitting the “Send” button her smartphone made “Pling” and her banking app told her about an incoming transfer. :money_with_wings:
Her account is at the german DKB. One more experience which surprised me once more very positively about Revolut.


That’s a great experience indeed @Kamika242. :ok_hand:

SG | Community Team