Reward Loyalty Program / Miles

The more you spend/convert the more get back or awarded with “R Points”


I do not see a Loyality Program at all. At the end it will cost Revolut (or us). Is it not better to keep it simple and cost efficient (like not having to pay a yearly fee)?


Is not necessary to be money they are plenty models and we can think new too … Revolut earns money when we are spending them … And this is a way to give a boost on this direction

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In the end you are paying for these rewards yourself, either via higher transaction fees or yearly fees. I prefer Revolut trying to keep usage simple and cheap over any reward points.


What would you win with R Points, that’s the real point :wink:


Agree with Jona. Revolut might consider adding an in-app info on your cash savings (MTD, YTD and LTD) from using Revolut as a marketing tool, though. The reference point is obviously important. I’ve seen in some of their marketing material savings being calculated with reference to the airport exchange bureau rates - as much as I love Revolut, this is absolutely blunt!


I also think cash-backs or the likes should not be part of Revolut. I guess their margins are slim enough, I’d love for them to spend them in a better way.

What actually could be a great option both for Revolut and users would be to collect these “R-points” on transactions where Revolut actually profits, and then using them to raise the cash-withdrawal limit in some way.
Like, at the moment, if I only withdraw cash at ATM’s and never pay with Revolut, I will be negative value customer.
However, if I spend 1000€/month with them on CC payments, they could certainly allow me a higher cash withdrawal rate.


Thank you for your ideas. We really appreciate it.

Let’s see what we can do

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Hi @AndreasK,

Are there any news on this topic?

Hi id like to know why im not receing any rewards despite my referrals are successful in singing up