Revolut USA: Open Questions

The US version does not have EU banking details. Supposedly that’s coming soon, but I’ve had Revolut US since it launched and nothing has changed.

You might be able to top up with your EEA bank debit card. I don’t believe there is a fee from Revolut to top up your account, but there is a maximum amount. Your bank might charge you as a foreign transaction fee.

Resurrecting this topic as I’m a long-time Wise customer BUT interested in Revolut.

I qualify to open Revolut in both EU and US (due to my dual citizenship & residency) but want to tread carefully.

From perusing through this Community it seems that:

  1. Revolut US does NOT provide the LT (Lithuania) IBAN, but Revolut EU does - is this still accurate or has anything changed since @Tory commented to @justanormalperson back in April?

  2. Revolut EU provides a way to “open” GBP and USD currency buckets WITH bank details (a la Wise “borderless” account details). Is this true? Or can Revolut US have GBP detail in addition to the default USD? (assuming Revolut US customers are still locked out from having an IBAN)

  3. I am confused with regards to receiving funds in Revolut - let’s say for Revolut US. The Support site (Can I get my salary paid into my Revolut account? | Revolut Help Center | Revolut) says “You can receive transfers from your employer, family, and friends directly into your Revolut account in AED, AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HRK, HUF, ILS, JPY, MXN, NOK, NZD, PLN, QAR, RON, RUB, SAR, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, USD, ZAR. You can find your transfer details by going to your ‘Home’ tab and choosing your currency account. Select ‘…’ to see more and click on ‘Details’.”

Does that mean I will have access to a Revolut’s bank detail in all these 28 currencies? Someone wants to pay me in Turkish Lira (TRY) and they can do as if they’re transferring locally? And alternatively I can pay someone in Mexican Peso (MXN) using their (Mexican) bank details as if I’m a local?

  1. Is there any other pros/cons with having a Revolut US versus Revolut EU accounts?

  2. For those who are both Wise AND Revolut customer, do you feel that Revolut works “kindof” like Wise when it comes to transferring money and receiving money? (I know Wise inside out now, Revolut, not so much).

I swear I tried searching for the above info like crazy and was not able to find anything, so I really appreciate anyone’s help.


Revolut UK doesnt work with Money Dashboard (UK equivalent of Wise). It used too, but not anymore, they seem to be dropping support or something similar.

Just FYI