Revolut USA: Open Questions

These questions are about the upcoming launch of Revolut in the United States.

You have to ask for the Social Security Number (SSN) in the USA. This might have an influence on one’s credit score:

  • Credit Scoring
    • upon (pre-)registration:
      Do you perform
      a) no “pull” at all
      b) a “soft pull”
      c) a “hard pull”?
    • when activating an account:
      Do you perform
      a) no “pull” at all
      b) a “soft pull”
      c) a “hard pull”?

This topic is important and needs to be clarified in your US-FAQs as soon as you have decided on how to proceed with that issue.

I know of people that are unwilling to pre-register with Revolut because you are asking for the SSN.

Background Information:

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The rival company was able to reply immediately to that question.
They only do a soft pull, not a hard pull.

(So, that’s the card that I will recommend, since you’re unable to reply. Unfortunately.)

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It looks like they are invitation only. Are they available for EEA members?

The United States of America are not part of the European Economic Area.

I believe @zwt’s question was if Denizen is available for EEA residents.

Only for people who are holding a bank account in Spain or the US
See their Blog

Oh, I see. Since I am a Revolut member, I was just mentioning denizen – but my main concern is Revolut. :slight_smile:

“denizen” is available in the EEA and the USA.

The blog article was from 2017, mentioning that it will be open to all “in 2018” (whatever that means). At least in the app, I was able to register with “Country: Germany” and with a German mobile number. I did not perform a check with my passport yet.

so do you actually get a US bank account at Denizen? I’m quite curious if thats a working service already.

They’re shady and slow if you try not to judge them too harshly :wink:

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After months (!) of trying to get this information through various channels, the Facebook Social Media Team now replied:


(Let’s hope their answer is legit, because it came very, very fast.) :wink:

That’s what Revolut said about this for years now. I’m sure you could find someone from Revolut staff saying this in an old thread here in the forum. So I would assume it’s legit. :wink:

But it might of course be different for upcoming services in the US.


The question is very specific about the upcoming service that is about to start in the United States.

So, yes, it does make a huge difference.

Yes, but I am scriptural about the more general response on Facebook. It might reflect the current situation of the product. But it might not consider all future details of a product in a different market that’s not introduced yet. The answe seems to be too generic for my taste and I can see that no one at Revolut has briefed social media about specifics of an unannounced service.

I might be wrong, of course. But I wouldn’t take this answer for granted also.


First of fall:
AFAIK, there is no US-SSN in Europe. And in Europe, you don’t perform credit checks with a “Social Security Number”.

I omitted the first paragraph in the screenshot – where one would see that it is a very specific question about the United States of America.

I wouldn’t have it posted in the “USA” thread here in the community otherwise. :wink:

No offense! I know all this. Still, with my experience with social media guys that also perform call center customer support functions, I am not always so sure. It did happen before that informations the Revolut customer support gave were contradicted. All I am saying is that I would not rely on an information about this that is given right now, way before they are going to become availabe in the US, from a person that is not involved in the product management.


Since Revolut will never comment this officially, we will never know – unless somebody tries and shares his experience.

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100% confirmed - Revolut does not do a credit pull (soft or hard) at all when you provide your SSN upon downloading the app.


When will we be able to change our home location within the app to United States? Also wondering if this could be completely detached from SSNs for EU citizens living there temporarily or partially

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