Revolut RIB - All you need to know 💬

Same here. URSSAF works, but cannot pay French VAT because of the lack of SEPA B2B support. I do manual transfers instead and I have to contact support every month so that they find it and attach the payment. Really annoying.


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Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely look into SEPA B2B and the RIB format to improve our services. :rocket:

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Hi @Veda.Ramesh; thanks for looking into this; In order to pay taxes in France; Revolut Business needs to be compatible with the STEP2 SDD B2B protocol. Thank you very much


Thanks a lot! One potential issue that might occur here is IBAN discrimination for B2B SEPA mandates.

Is IBAN discrimination also forbidden just like with normal SEPA mandates or is there different rules for B2B?


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I am from i live in Italy.i have Bangladesh tax code.


the list for STEP2 SDD B2B banks can be found here; REVOLUT is NOT listed

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