Revolut Quiz - It’s Time To Challenge Your Knowledge

Hello everyone :wave:,

It’s your exam time! Lol, kidding. :joy: :joy:

Again I’m here with another quiz but it’s related to Revolut. This time we will test your knowledge about us. :laughing: :laughing:

We will have a total of 6 questions and every question will have multiple answers. You need to choose the correct one from those. :heavy_check_mark:

Q1. How can you update your email address in Revolut account?

  • a. Email address can’t be updated anymore
  • b. I can tap on my profile icon and go to “Account” section and then “Personal details” to change the email address
  • c. It can’t be change from the app, I need to contact support
  • d. Email address is not needed to open the account
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Q2. Where can you check your Metal Cashback?

  • a. Once I receive my cashback, I can see it appear in the transaction list
  • b. Cashback will be adjusted automatically with the next payments
  • c. Cashback can’t be seen from the app
  • d. There is no cashback offer on Metal Plan
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Q3. How many times can you use your disposable virtual card in a single day?

  • a. 9
  • b. 7
  • c. 3
  • d. 5
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Q4. How do you order a physical card?

  • a. I can order it from the “Cards” tab in the app
  • b. I can order a card only in Metal Plan
  • c. Revolut does not provide any physical card
  • d. I need to contact support to order a physical card
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Q5. Can you deposit cash or cheques to your Revolut account?

  • a. Definitely. Just remember to fill up the correct details for cheques.
  • b. Unfortunately, it’s not available at this time
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Q6. What happens if you don’t have enough balance when a Direct Debit is executed?

  • a. I can manually add the money and it will be deducted automatically again
  • b. I need to contact the support to fix this
  • c. Revolut will try to take the payment again after 48hours
  • d. The transaction will fail
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Let’s complete this quiz as soon as possible because you can win a great chance if you give all the answers correctly.

Are you ready? :thinking:

Note: 5 users will get the chance to arrange the next quiz with us. Selections will be based on a first come first serve basis. :memo:

SG | Community Team


Is it really why the Revolut community forum was created for ? Not to kill the whole vibe here, but it looks like the CMs are desperately trying to keep this forum alive, no matter the way. Instead, I think that people would rather get solutions to their problems, not getting that kind of questionnaires… But that’s just me.


Hello @Svntx :wave:,

Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. :blush: Revolut community, not only try to solve their users’ problems, we are here as friends as well. An online community is a shared space where members engage with each other. Engagement does not necessarily have to be through the Revolut products only, we can engage with each other through music, food, quiz, meme etc. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

We have already started our new initiative where we post business related topics on every Thrusday/Friday to solve our users’ problems. You can check that out here. :arrow_backward:

Please note, this quiz is not mandatory to join. It’s for those who want to have some fun. Hope it clarifies your concern. :pray:

SG | Community Team


Hello everyone :wave: ,

Wish you all a great Monday. I just want to give you all a small reminder regarding this quiz so that anyone who wants to join in doesn’t miss it. :smiley: :smiley:

SG | Community Team

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I see the forum for both, solve problem and do some quiz to test knowledge, it may help do improve the app usability.

I would love a little more inside of what will happen on revolut, mostly I’m curious to see the plans for the Brazilian account because after a few month it’s still very basic and incomplete.

I would love to use revolut on a everyday transaction but it lacks the most basic functions for a minimal banking experience.

I cannot pay bills, or even use the debit card without converting the balance to a foreign currency :scream:

Withdraw in Brazil on Banco24Horas ATM network are R$ 20 (too expensive), would be nice making some deal to reduce it because those ATM are everywhere, it’s free on Bradesco ATM but nowadays those are only found inside Bank Bradesco branches.

I really hope revolut get PIX full support, because it not only allow to do and receive instant payments but also withdraw on some stores/supermarket/lotteries.


Hello everyone :wave: ,

We’re going to close the quiz soon. Please submit your answers ASAP if you haven’t done it yet. :smile:

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Eudes. Stay tuned for the update. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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Hello everyone :wave: ,

I will close this quiz by today EOD and will announce the names of the winners by Monday. If anyone still wants to participate please hurry up. Happy weekend. :metal: :metal:

SG | Community Team

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Yayyy it’s result time. :partying_face: :partying_face: I am so happy to announce that most of the people got these answers right. Congratulations @miguelcosta @dd17 @redi @chris.bausch @stegu.ziga @Remi-1 @Carl_1460 @dpct @dmarsblue & @Siddharth for winning this quiz. You guys are star. :star:

@nomadus @Eudes @AlvinSahl , You guys are the runner up. :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

@Lapad1412 @Covalent5 @Grubson123 & @Baki59 Thank you for joining the quiz. We are so happy to have you all. :tada: :tada:

A special shoutout to @Mariana_Rodrigues for joining our quiz and ended up as “Runner Up”. :clap:

SG | Community Team