Revolut on 2 phones?


Is it possible to have Revolut on 2 phones? Main phone will be the one used for 2-factor (Pin code via SMS.) for logging in.

Just wanted to know whether this is possible.


I think it’s possible. I have the same active Revolut account on the Galaxy J3 smartphone and on the Lenovo A3500-FL tablet, and I can use both devices. But not at the same time.

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Not at the same time in what sense? Will I have to re-login in on each device every time I want to switch phones?


I’m logged in on my main iPhone and on an Android phone at the same time and I haven’t encountered any problems :slight_smile:

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Fantastic, thanks. :slight_smile:


I also have both devices registered and logged in, but someone from Revolut wrote some time ago that they should not have been instructed from both at the same time.

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