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So today I contacted :r: support because I’ve had my account verified for about 3 years and I needed a name change. In Portugal we have really long names. In my case, I have 2 given names and 2 surnames. Every single Portuguese bank allows me to choose the ones I wanna use. For example I can use my 1st given name with my 1st surname, or my 2nd given name with my 1st surname and so on, as long as one given name and one surname are there.

What happened is that my account had only my first and second name, even though it was verified, I didn’t really care about it since they had my information. Today, after upgrading to :r: Premium, I asked in the chat if it was possible to finally change my name to my first given name and my first surname. I don’t use my second surname for personal reasons. I hate having it on the card.

I was told it would not be possible because it was a company policy. So I asked if at least my Premium card could be issued without using the name I didn’t like. Denied.

So contacting support did worst than just saying nothing, it was better before contacting them.

Keep in mind that N26 allows me to use the names I want and they issued my card the way I wanted, as long as one given and one surname was being used. Same for Bunq, Monese, Moey!.

:r: has to understand that you are providing a service to customers worldwide, we have different cultures even when it comes to names. If you have my information stored why can’t I just use the name I want as long as it is a given and surname? Even traditional banks like CGD, Millenium and ActivoBank allow me.

In Portugal you can choose where you want to be known by your mother’s or father’s surname. I just find Revolut’s attitude towards this outrageous.

After 3 years, I’m seriously considering shutting down my account, an account that I use on daily basis if this is not fixed. The person on customer support wasn’t able to help me.

Hopefully someone from the :r: will read this and help me out, I love the service but I’m not gonna pay for something that isn’t respecting me.


You did not register the preferred names when creating the Revolut account 3 years ago?

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At the time I registered my two given names then verified my identity and :r: imposed no problem. Now I want to use a surname and they are forcing me to use the second surname (I have two), which I never use.

In Portugal :portugal: if your name is João Pedro Gomes Silva you can use João Silva, or Pedro Silva, or João Gomes, or Pedro Gomes. If you know what I mean.

So basically, myself contacting :r: made it worse than it was already.

I see, so support is claiming that they can only get you a card with “João Pedro” on it First & Second name. That Logic…

I think that this is the norm for the UK. So other possibilities are not catered for. I checked with my other UK bank and they would require a legal change of name document to change the first given, last surname policy. However you are right a bank with global aspirations must think outside of the box. I did find the following link, which whilst not your case would in effect cover your requirement.

I’ve tried using the “I don’t identify with my last name” but they didn’t care about it. They told me company policy says that I must strictly use my very first name and the last surname, which for someone from Southern Europe makes no sense at all. There was this time where a traditional bank here did the same, I filed a complaint to Bank of Portugal and the next day I had my card ready with the name I wanted. Thank you for sharing the link, hopefully someone from :r: sees this and says something.

I wholly agree! I have a first name, a last name, and two middle names. Most formal applications require my full name, and international systems do not support Danish letters æ-ø-å, thus I have to transliterate some of the letters, which means that I end up with a 29-letter name… Dread the day I’m married.

I appreciate N26 and Bunq, where I can pick and choose and just call myself “H P S Nielsen” like some sort of famous poet or painter.

(Although, secretly, I do cherish it every time people’s eyes go blank when they insist I write my FULL name to return something in a store, and then I make them WAIT and thoroughly write everything in all caps, making sure that everything fits perfectly in the short 5 cm line on the receipt :joy:).


Yep. Same here, both my given names have special characters: ã and ç. But my main problem is Revolut making me want to use my father’s surname, that I never use and I hate. No other bank has ever made me do it.