Revolut Min Max Balance ?


What’s the min and max balance on Revolut Account that i can have?

  1. I know i can’t have negative balance, but can i keep my Revolut account with a balance to 0€ without any problems / fees?

  2. Mean if my balance is 20€, can i withdraw 20€ on ATM without any problems?

I can’t find this information.


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You might like to view [this earlier topic] which confirms there is no apparent minimum balance requirement and the basic plan does not have any fees (in the majority of circumstances).


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There’s no minimum amount you need to maintain in your Revolut account. You can keep it at €0 without any issues or fees. Revolut doesn’t impose a maximum limit on your account balance.

If your balance is €20, yes, you can definitely withdraw that entire amount using an ATM (assuming it meets the minimum withdrawal amount for the specific ATM). However, keep in mind:

  • Free ATM Withdrawals: Revolut offers a certain number of free ATM withdrawals per month (depending on your account plan). Exceeding that limit might incur withdrawal fees.
  • ATM Fees: The ATM itself might charge a withdrawal fee, independent of Revolut’s charges.

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Veda | Community team