Revolut logo


Don’t you guys think the logo is not up to the app design and theme? It reminds me a bit like the format you could create in microsoft word with glow and 3D text, witch is a bit outdated. I think a simpler and elegant design will be more suitable for the great app design you guys have!


I actually quite like it. Nice and minimal.

That doesn’t mean a change is a bad thing; could make it even better


:r: please don’t spend money right now on whole rebranding :slight_smile:


Dont worry, the rebranding, along with a £10,000 logo, is around the corner :wink:


Lol :slight_smile:



With the notable exception of the current App UI (that damn white background is still killing my eyes, not soothing them), I’m actually pretty happy about the Revolut branding so far, but I’m one of those people that are annoyed by to fancy branding/marketing and who likes minimalistic designs, it just looks more awesome than fancy shit. And I like the color :wink:
I don’t mind redesigns in general, but I always fear that redesigns make things worse.

…just my 0.02EUR on that topic