Revolut is blocking payments to Bitcoin markets


Today I learned, that Revolut is blocking SEPA payments to Coinase and
I then asked the support and they confirmed, that these payments to these services are not possible with their current policy.
I find that quite problematic, since Revolut should not decide, who I send money to (as long it is legal, obviously).
What do you think?


I agree with your opinion, particularly considering these are outgoing Bitcoin transactions. And in fact, somewhere on this forum (unless it was deleted) there is a post from 2016 by one of their staff promising that direct Bitcoin top-up would be available “soon.”

They also seem to block petrol stations by the MCC code, even when maximum transaction amount is being pre-authorized, as well as perhaps some other merchant categories I’m unaware of, as it’s (predictably) not documented anywhere.

It significantly limits the usability of the card.


Works with Uphold (formerly Bitreserve)


Oh, I didnt know this. It works even when sending gbp to the uphold’s portugal account?


GBP didn’t seem to be really an option with the available IBAN codes. I would switch into EUR first then make the transfer to a EUR card on Uphold. You can then buy BTC from there.


Argh. Cmon Revolut, why blocking such a good case scenario?


I also wasn’t able to buy from coinbase with revolut. Isn’t it coinbase needing 3d secure card functionality? Or does revolut support 3d secure for its own cards?


I’m gonna guess that this is a Coinbase thing. As you correctly stated, Revolut cards are not 3DS enabled, and Coinbase only accepts cards that are…


It seems that it is not Revolut to blame. As stated on Kraken:

"Deposit information regarding third party payment processors (e.g. Revolut, The Currency Cloud, Transferwise, etc.)

Kraken cannot accept deposits from third party payment processors for compliance reasons.
Whenever possible, we will request the payment processors to block our accounts for deposit from their services. For others, we have blocks in place that will make a deposit impossible or return them automatically.

Please note that we are unable to help with the tracing of third party payments that did not make it to our system. The problem lies with the payment processor and needs to be resolved by them. Please always read the full deposit information on your deposit page on how you can fund your account."

Though, it is strange that they block it since we have accounts in our names in Revolut and Revolut has confirmed to me that the recipient gets the amount delivered by our name not a generic Revolut one. Just like a real bank. Puzzling.

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