Revolut in the United States of America

Are there any tips for using Revolut in the United States of Freedom? I will be visiting Washington, DC.

Revolut Team Contribution can be found here

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Hi, I’ve returned from a 3 week trip in New England this week.

The card worked fine except for one day when a server was down and two atm’s and a restaurant refused it. Fortunately I had a Halifax Clarity credit card I could use. So my advice to anyone is have an alternative.
That said it was great everywhere we travelled and the rate is the best.



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Only problem I had was with New York subway tickets. Couldn’t find a way to bypass the “enter your zip code” screen on the machine. I eventually resorted to cash.



Have you tried to add the zip code 99999?


I don’t remember having tried that. Maybe someone else can confirm this.

MetroCard Vending Machine in the United States usually ask to enter your ‘zip code’ for verification, which is “99999”. This indicates that an international card is being used and your transaction will be authorised.


Got the same issue but I just putted my zip code and it works :slight_smile:


Generally, I don’t had any issue (except the subway one which finally work after few tries). It worked well everywhere, just be aware that all ATM will ask for a fee for getting cash since Revolut doesn’t have any, for now, agreements with other banks in the US.

Only issue that I had was with petrol stations. They too wanted a zip code for pay-at-pump but 99999 didn’t work. Just had to go inside and get the card pre-authorised

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My Revolut didn’t work with Uber (May '16). Support told me they are aware and working on it.

We spent 3 weeks in USA and used nothing but Revolut. My card was declined on my first day but that was my fault because I had disabled magstripe payments as a security measure before we went and forgot to enable it again. Worked in every cash machine but be aware that many USA banks charge for withdrawals. The most we paid was 5 dollars and the least 3 dollars. Also be aware that when paying in restaurants in the USA that if you choose to pay the gratuity by card you may be debited by the original amount and then the full amount including tip. Support sorted it out for me but after that I always paid the tip in cash. Problem solved. Everything considered we think revolut is a fantastic product. Every time we spent on the card we got a message within seconds confirming the payment so an excellent check to stop fraud.

you must have had same experience as me , when there was a problem with the servers , like yourself we had alternative means of payment. But incident highlights the need for 24he support and system wide messages when there is a problem

Just to share my experience. I just came back from a 3 weeks trip in the US (New England) and I’ve tried to use my Revolut as much as I can. I’ve had quite a few issues where my Revolut was not accepted and I have to switch back to my Visa :frowning:
The other point was concerning the Hotel. As they keep record of the credit card for guarantee, an amount is held from your Revolut account until the guarantee ends. I’ve talk with Revolut support and they told me that the only way to speed up the process and get back the money on my account was to ask the Hotel to write them that nothing else will be charged later on, which is practically impossible to do. So, there too, I switch back to my classical Visa.
So at the beginning I was very enthusiastic and at the end the conclusion is more balanced…

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I managed to withdraw cash from a Wells Fargo ATM in Raleigh, NC, without any fees.

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The issue with American bars/restaurants is that when you pay for the goods and leave a tip, they will take two transactions: one for the goods, and one for the goods+tip. Both transactions will be shown as pending in Revolut, with the goods+tip amount completing and the former amount reverting within 10 working days.
We’re able to revert the transaction once they have settled the second transaction with tips.

Unfortunately, we can not provide a list of which ATMs may charge a fee and which ones will allow you to withdraw for free. We always advise our users to use MasterCard approved ATMs, however, charging a fee of $3 is common for ATMs in the US which is definitely not a fee from Revolut but a fee from the ATM provider.


the issue with hotels is that they need to have a credit card on file in case there are additional fees, I used my Halifax card to book rooms but always informed the front desk that the bill would be settled using my revolute card…did not encounter any problems doing this thus avoiding the hold on the Revolute card. Most hotels will stipulate that payment by prepaid card and debit card will involve up to 2 weeks for any hold to be removed. Also some petrol stations in the USA will “hold” the maximum pump withdraw from the card and again can take up to 2 weeks for difference to be released.
I got this card when it more or less came out and have used on extensive trips to the USA and have encountered very few problems.

Surely you could put the guarantee on a different card, then pay using Revolut? I did this in November last year, and the hotel didn’t mind.

Thanks for this. I didn’t have the idea to do so.
I’ll keep it in mind for my next trip.

TD Bank and PNC do not charge any ATM withdrawal fees (at least, they didn’t last year). See my post on a different thread below

(List of ATM's that don't charge a fee)

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I was told 00000 was the zip code the use