Revolut in the Philipines

A friend of mine is travelling to the Philipines :philippines: soon and he is planning on using :r: there.

Does anyone have any experience using Revolut in the Philipines:

  • Overall Experience?
  • Acceptance?
  • Fees?
  • Tips & Tricks?


Have you read this?



I couldn’t find those because I was misspelling Philippines :man_facepalming:


You’ve made my day :slight_smile:


I normally used revolut everytime I visit my Philippines (my hometown) , I used it with SM, resto and withdrawal with BPI and BDO atm - rates seems good too, compare to other transfer money, but still bare in mid your limit for withdrawal as you might be charged (although for me is also fair.)

Is HSBC still fee-free in the Philippines? Off there next week for 5 weeks

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Last time I was there in August, it was still free of charge.

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Thanks Mark, that’s helpful

I believe, there is not so much HSBC atms left in PH. If I were to go to PH, prior to trip I would mark all their locations in my phones gps app to find them more easier.

Yeah, the only one I know about in Manila is near St.Lukes.

There is an HSBC in Central Makati on Ayala, and strangely enough Quezon City in a location you would not expect, not too far (in a taxi) from SM North / Trinoma. Not seen any others.