Revolut in the Isle of Man


I recently tried to setup my Revolut, but was told that I can’t have a revolute card if I’m from the Isle of Man as it’s not in the European Economic Area.

Do you know when a work around will be in place for this? Also, is there a way I can be notified when it is available for Manx (Isle of Man) customers?


Hello @Lmulligan,

At the moment our services are only available for legal residents in the EEA. We’re working on expanding our product development worldwide, and of course in Channel islands and Isle of Man.

Rest assure, we’ll keep you posted, once we have an update.


Andreas K.


When UK brexits, will I lose my Revolut? :sob::scream::scream::sob:

Of course not. It will be business as usual, there will be no changes to service following Brexit.

@revolut What will the difference be between the Isle of Man and England once they leave the European Union (and the EEA)?

@revolut any updates on England’s difference from the IoM once they Brexit? Also, do you not think it’s a little ironic that your banking licence resides in the Isle of Man?..

We cannot be sure what will the difference be between the Isle of Man and England, as this depends how the Brexit will be or what agreement will make.

I live on the Isle of Man and had a working account last November, now you wont except my debit card saying its issued in the usa. Who’s decision is that the IOM is not part of the EEC? I personally think it poor that this has happened.

:r: were only ever allowed to issue cards within the EEA which the IOM is not part of. Unfortunately they made all sorts of mistakes over this and have had to cancel loads of cards. I cannot see this being resolved until they become an issuer themselves. Quite frankly extending availability to include IOM, Jersey, Guernsey and Switzerland would present pretty much zero risk.

Perhaps revolut could ask why Paysafe, their card issuer, refuse to accept that Isle of Man residents can have a revolut card, when they take advantage of the Isle of Man’s tax and financial status themselves, by having an office in Douglas!

Is this sorted now? Can isle of man residents get revolut?

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I saw that the Channel Islands are now OK but nothing about IOM.

There is an official Post AndreasK made on Thursday. See: Revolut cards are back in Switzerland 🇨🇭💳

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