Revolut in South Korea

I have been travelling in South Korea for a week now. There has been some problems like my revolut card getting rejected at convenience stores sometimes, but it’s not a huge problem for me. What I’m concerned about is that the ATM that I usually use here (KB bank) started rejecting my card too. I cannot withdraw cash now, what should I do?

As a safety feature I’d advise you to always bring more than one card with you when you travel. It might be to late now, but is worth remembering for the future. What you could do if you’re staying in a hotel is ordering a separate card, you’re allowed to have two. Make sure to order a MasterCard if you have a Visa, and a Visa if you have a MasterCard. That would at least decrease your chances of getting your card rejected.

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Good advice👍

NEVER rely on one source of funds whilst travelling.