Revolut in Cuba

Hello guys,

Im using also Revolut and in the first days I was excited about this tool, I was in France and I used the Revolut card everywhere, it worked very good

I am about to travel to Cuba and use the card there, any advices !? I will travel from Romania, here the card works very well.

I intend to make a Revolut Card for my mother in law and to give it to her in order to extract money every month.

Is that a good idea!?

What you guys think!? I know Cuba is a cash country but…



Have you read these?

Hello Redi,
Yes I have read this, and I wanted to get more updated opinion from a different user.

If it works is great cause I founded an easy and fast way for my gf to send money to her mother.

Thanks a lot again.



Revolut worked perfectly for me in Cuba, not just in Havana but all across the country.

This guide to Cuba ATM/money also claims that Revolut is the best way of getting money there.

I went to Cuba recently and I could not pin Money Due to security reasons. Before this it was never a problem. Does anyone know what could cause for this.