Revolut in automatic Gas Stations in Iceland

Hello guys,

I’ve been reading a lot about unmanned gas station in Iceland and using Revolut to pay for the gas, and I’m starting to get scared. Everybody says they couldn’t use it to pay, so I’m questioning why…

Anybody got some info on this, or actually managed to pay with it in UNMANNED gas stations?

Thanks in advance.


Revolut simply doesn’t support it. Try it at home and you will see it simply doesn’t work.

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Hey. It depends on the gas station. My understanding is that the station needs to have an online terminal.


Hi there. There are some merchants that are not supported with your Revolut card. At the moment this includes unmanned petrol stations, although you can still pay inside!

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Not only unnamed petrol stations. In Poland there’s quite a large network of automatic Shell petrol stations. They have ONLINE TERMINALS. Trying to make a transaction there, it’s rejected with a notification from Revolut app suggesting to try to pay in the station’s shop. The problem is that there’s no shop…

Using other bank’s card, the transaction is processed in the following sequence:

  1. Typing the amount.
  2. The terminal makes online preauthorisation.
  3. When positive, you can pour fuel, no more that the preauthorised amount.
  4. If you pour less fuel, then the preauthorised amount is immediatly corrected with partial authorisation reversal.
  5. You leave the station whith authorised amount equal exactly to the amount of poured fuel.

I wish, this this type of transaction worked. It’s really very popular in Poland.


I haven’t tried it yet because I simply don’t use prepaid cards in situations I already know are problematic, but it’s very likely that Revolut simply rejects all payments based on the Merchant Code here if they don’t support it, even if they are online transactions (just a wild guess based on that you are saying the app tells you to “pay inside”, so it recognises the situation).

Olá Bruno tbem vou visitar a Islândia e tenho dúvidas como o usar este cartão. Nós supermercados? Nas atm? Onde é sem grande penalização? Ajudava umas dicas. Obrigado

Genious idea. Pay inside on unmanned petrol stations. Which inside? Your petrol stations must be different somehow.

Had exactly that problem in Danmark. Card was declined with the statement that automatic fuel pumps are not yet supported.

I had same problem on the north of the Europe (Norway, Finland, Sweden). It really sucks! In remote locations there are only unmanned petrol stations, so you have to use different card. :frowning_face:

Even if there is regular manned station nearby, fuel is more expensive. And again, you are supposed to pay at the fuel stand. So, you have to go inside the shop, have a chat with a salesman, explain the situation (again, again, again, every time you need fuel) and then you can leave shop to fill up your tank and go again inside to pay. :frowning_face:

I really wish this would be allowed. Anyway, I do not see any reason - I can pay inside (if there is any “inside”). So what is the reason to deny the automatic payment???

This is due to the situation in the UK: many gas stations aren’t updated with online terminals that authorize the payment before getting gas like terminals everywhere else do. So some UK banks have started to block unmanned gas stations for debit/prepaid cards. Unfortunately, Revolut is amongst them. They protect the accounts against a negative balance due to offline transactions, I believe. As far as I know, other banks are able to block this but allow online pre-authorized gas stations at the same time. So there should be a technical solution.