Revolut for Lebanon

Hi, I am Stephanos and I have been recently introduced to Revolut. I travel alot within my work and I really liked the idea of this service. The only problem is that I live in Lebanon. Currently revolut does not operate in the country, but I wanted to ask that since here we already use USD for payment and as our bank accounts, and I currently have 3D secure for international payments, isn’t it possible to own a revolut card and transfer payments to it from my USD account? I wanted to contact costumer service but I can’t without signing up from a valid phone number (not lebanese). Any help would be appreciated.

As for now, it is only available for residents of the EEA, unfortunately :frowning:

Yeah I realized that, but I don’t see why my country is not supported, we have a great banking system same as anywhere in the world, and our main currency is USD and LBP (it would be great if at least USD is supported)

Regulation. Right now, Revolut has an e-mony license that allows them to offer their services to EEA residents. It’s not about supported currencies, it is about where they are allowed to do business. Expanding worldwide with banking services is pretty complex.

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Oh ok I see, thanks for the help.

Fingers crossed that they are going to become available for you in the future. :crossed_fingers:

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Sure hope so, it would be great!