Revolut for Business Support

I am currently waiting for my unique EUR IBAN. I’ve been onboard recently, I would love to start using Revolut, or at least give it an evaluation whether I will use it or not. But I can’t proceed without a real IBAN, that would be ridiculous to send out an invoice with a “proxy” or “pooled” account to my customer.

In fact, I don’t understand why they are even used for Business accounts.

I would like to resolve it as soon as possible, but my Revolut support chat is being silent. As I understood that’s a common thing, and many people are complaining about it. How can you expect people to pay money and not respond to chat messages?

Can someone help me?

Dear @ncahnged

Your account is already active with all of the features that Standard Onboarding may give you. That includes unique EUR IBAN in order to send or receive SEPA payments. If this is something you were looking for by applying for unique IBAN then it is already in place just check your EUR account details from the level of your dashboard.

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the SEPA IBAN is unique from the beginning but the SWIFT/EUR is polled

It still says “Looking for unique IBAN details? We’re reviewing your company and will get back to you soon.”

I’ve applied for the Unique SWIFT EUR IBAN, attached a statement, but the support chat is inactive.

@ncahnged where are the EUR coming from? that defines if you can use the “local” IBAN (sepa) or need to wait for the advanced onboarding. from personal experience that process can easily take over a month.

But What is a “local” IBAN. I am receiving payments from Europe, and I need an international IBAN

@ncahnged if Europe is your main country of the operation, local IBAN should suffice. At the moment, your EUR IBAN account is capable of receiving transfers in Euro from all SEPA members.

Thanks for clearing this out!

@ncahnged the term “local” or “domestic” refers to accounts to be used within a country where that currency is the official currency. you get paid as a local would be and the transfer’s only intermediary is the central bank of that currency.

the term “international” refers to accounts that are far away and you need to use the SWIFT network and go to intermediary banks hopping in order to reach the beneficiary.

not the most accurate description but I hope it helps understanding why your EUR payment from Europe is not “international”