Revolut CSV to QIF

Hello Revolut Customers,

I have created a small service to automatically convert Revolut CSV to QIF and want to prove if there is any need of it.

Here is it:

The service fixes some problems of Revolut CSV and determines the right payee.
No data from CSV files is saved on the server except of total amount and total sum of transactions. I wanted to make the service absolutelly safe to use.
It is a fully working prototype now with minimal functionality. I could made it much sofisticated, if it needed. I could theoretically build an export to any format you need.
Please check my service, if it works for you and give some feedback, if you like it or not.

Do you have a need in such service?

  • Yes, the service is usefull for me
  • Yes, but I need to convert CSV in some other file format
  • No, I don’t use any software to track my finances

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