Revolut Credit Cards

Does Revolut offer credit products like Credit Cards?

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In some regions. The FAQs help you out if credit cards are available for you. If you don’t see anything in the app, that’s also a strong indication.


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I believe would be interesting have 2 cards level, one Gold (because benefits like price/purchase protection) for free/standard customers and a signature/infinite/black for who have the paid revolut tiers.

I would love to have the option of creating multiple virtual credit cards, like have one virtual card for each service/subscription so if someone leaked my card would be simple to know who did it.

Example: why there’s a Uber charging on my iFood card?


Revolut usually “unbundles” benefits from (credit) cards. Insurances are linked to the account plan like Metal or Ultra. If you’ve subscribed to Ultra, the benefits like purchase protection apply to all cards linked to the account, not just the Ultra card, for example.

Seems like a step back to me to introduce additional credit card tiers. The credit card should simply inherit the benefits and fees of the account subscription, and add individual benefits like cashback if applicable (see Pro cards).



What I mean is offering a credit card/limit and depending of the tier on revolut that tier also reflects on the card tier, being upgraded/downgraded depending of situation.

Like you have Revolut Ultra get an Infinite/Black card, you downgraded to revolut free/standard the credit card remain available but the card tier drops to match the account tier.

Usually here, benefits from credit card are offered directly by the card brand (Visa, MasterCard, Elo, Amex) so if you want to claim something like extended warranty or price protection instead of contacting your card issuer, you contact (let’s say) Visa itself and they will process your claim. (Very slowly and bureaucratic).