These that we are sure about what they are from RevP - yeas, they are MasterCards. But I’ve received a new Premium Visa card with new BIN - different than previous ones. Maybe it is the first step to issue RevP Visa cards by :r: .

That would be generally cool - for no real reason i like Visa more than mastercard :slight_smile:

My RevP is still not compatible but saw a message today that they are intending to support it before it is going live to public. Anyhow this is Offtopic here.

Generally i would also love to see Revolut using their banking license and issuing real Credit cards.


Definitely! If travelers are a target for Revolut, a credit card is a must

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I hope this credit card isn’t another separate card, but that one card can control access to both current account and credit card.

Smart rules would be cool:

  • if a user has X amount of money left, apply purchases to credit card
  • if purchase is over X amount, apply purchases to credit card
  • the ability to set certain merchants to always use credit card
  • toggle card in app

This would mean users could still benefit from virtual cards, metal, etc

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As cool as this sounds I see this as a can of worms where someone accidentally puts themselves in debt and a definite liability for Revolut for mixing credit and debit

I would avoid it and make them two separate cards

(FWIW they would have to be for mastercard to recognize them properly anyways due to the numbers on the card being directly related to what type of card it is)

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