Revolut contactless ring

What if you could add as an option, a contactless/NFC payment ring, not only a plastic card.
See the Kerv ring, or Visa. I see this as a killer device in the coming years (waterproof, always-on, safe, …).
Would be an “easy” although highly visible extension of Revolut’s offering.


or bPay?

To be honest that seems pretty gimmicky to me but let’s see who else wants this.

It is a great idea! A NFC ring or wrist band would be ideal to make payments, since you can carry it with you at all times. Like on the beach when you don’t have your wallet with you. NFC chips can be very small, so debit cards are actually unnecessary large. It could be introduced as an extra option for a nominal fee.


Hello guys,

Yes that’s pretty cool! Thank you for your suggestion


It’s been 2 years now since this was suggested in this post and we’re starting to see other payment providers offering this in the mainstream now. I’ve seen payment rings used for river boat services, gyms, vending machines, restaurants, pubs and cabs in just the last year. Is Revolut considering doing something like this?

It would really be a massive boost to Revolut’s offering if you could provide this kind of accessory. Often you don’t want to carry around a wallet or a phone, or you’ve possibly forgotten or lost your wallet or your phone and need some way to pay.

We want payment rings…and premium payment rings! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you!!! it would be amazing!!

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Go for it go, go, go go. ;o))

We dont :wink:

No, seriously, I am not saying Revolut should never offer such gimmicks (and once everything else is sorted out such a ring might be interesting), but I really think there are way more important things they should first tackle before investing time and effort into gimmicks. Banking licence, support, more local top-up accounts, etc.

I think we shouldnt distract Revolut too much, they already seem to get distracted very easily anyhow ;).


I support this idea, not the most important functionality…but can be useful in some specific situation when I don’t want to carry wallet and phone (beach, swimming pool, some market,… )

Affordable contactless wistband that connects to revolut account would awesome!


Why not just buy a cheap 3-15 $ NFC ring via AliExpress, and Transfer the data from the card via App, If you really wanna use this?

Because it’s virtually impossible to copy emv chip that way. It is not just simple card number duplication. The data has to be encrypted with proper, unique key (that is not stored on the chip itself) and broadcast encrypted tokens.
The way you have mentioned it’s ok to copy key passes for simple nfc locks but not much more than that.

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My idea on a possible Revolut smart ring.

Revolut should have its own smart ring since as a company claims to be the best and in their “about” part of their site they state “Imagine managing your entire financial life from a single app. That’s our goal at Revolut.”

well yeah, in fact i imagined it… and here are my thoughts about Revolut smart ring (if it ever exists one)

Firstly, Revolut as a company needs to have on its own smart ring and it will be really nice to have engraved on it either the username of each customer on it… or something that makes the ring unique to its user. an engraved logo a user chooses it will be a good idea (it makes the user feel special and attached to its ring)

Secondly, viewing McLear (visa payment ring) packaging and manual… thats really good… but the questions is simple… can it do more ? sync with the app on the phone for example.

Thirdly, guys OMG have you seen Xenxo S ring… seriously, this ring is out of this world… and it has its own logo in front, its syncs with android or ios, it connects with other devices, nfc, phone calls and list keeps going. here its a link on a hand-on-demo (

Smarty Ring… indeed elegant and smart as its names says… a unisex deisgn and comes with a wire3less charger, which you could use for your phone :stuck_out_tongue:

well of course i would not forget out of this list Kerv which is also really good and hypoallergic and scratch-resistant… thought Kerv does need charging, or pairing. which is also good since.
as well as bio ring… more for nutrition etc etc… and ofcourse either Nimb with its SOS button or even the design of Mota DOI smart ring.

so really and honestly guys at Revolut… what do you really want ?

Revolut at my opinion needs to evolve… needs to send a message to the market out there… needs to make thinks noticeable for everyone there…

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The contactless ring or bracelet would be a great marketing idea. They could add it in the cards list with a + button to order a new bracelet and associate it with the customer, they could give the possibility to engrave something on it and to choose the color, and of course the possibility to freeze it or remove it via the CARDS tab in the app.

They could reserve this for premium or metal users and it should be cheap like the bracelet they give at some festivals or concert to pay drinks and food.

Actually it would be groundbreaking.


Yes it’s a great idea for numerous reasons, not just for the beach, swimming pool and places where you can’t carry your wallet, but for those who are forgetful or tend to misplace their things (incl phone) more often than others such as elderly members of our community etc. Either way it’s super practical and also hygienic for use on transport and other contactless points in crowded areas where you might not want to take out and contaminate your phone.

If Revolut is having doubts about procuring and introducing rings themselves, perhaps they can do a deal with other providers like ‘K Ring’ who already have deals in place with banks like ABN•AMBRO, KBC and Nordea that allow existing customers to link their K ring to their bank card or perhaps other providers like ‘McLEAR’ (aka ‘NFC Ring’ ), ‘SmartRing’ etc

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