Revolut contactless ring


What if you could add as an option, a contactless/NFC payment ring, not only a plastic card.
See the Kerv ring, or Visa. I see this as a killer device in the coming years (waterproof, always-on, safe, …).
Would be an “easy” although highly visible extension of Revolut’s offering.



or bPay?

To be honest that seems pretty gimmicky to me but let’s see who else wants this.



It is a great idea! A NFC ring or wrist band would be ideal to make payments, since you can carry it with you at all times. Like on the beach when you don’t have your wallet with you. NFC chips can be very small, so debit cards are actually unnecessary large. It could be introduced as an extra option for a nominal fee.

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Hello guys,

Yes that’s pretty cool! Thank you for your suggestion



It’s been 2 years now since this was suggested in this post and we’re starting to see other payment providers offering this in the mainstream now. I’ve seen payment rings used for river boat services, gyms, vending machines, restaurants, pubs and cabs in just the last year. Is Revolut considering doing something like this?

It would really be a massive boost to Revolut’s offering if you could provide this kind of accessory. Often you don’t want to carry around a wallet or a phone, or you’ve possibly forgotten or lost your wallet or your phone and need some way to pay.

We want payment rings…and premium payment rings! :slight_smile:

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I totally agree with you!!! it would be amazing!!

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Go for it go, go, go go. ;o))



We dont :wink:

No, seriously, I am not saying Revolut should never offer such gimmicks (and once everything else is sorted out such a ring might be interesting), but I really think there are way more important things they should first tackle before investing time and effort into gimmicks. Banking licence, support, more local top-up accounts, etc.

I think we shouldnt distract Revolut too much, they already seem to get distracted very easily anyhow ;).



I support this idea, not the most important functionality…but can be useful in some specific situation when I don’t want to carry wallet and phone (beach, swimming pool, some market,… )