Revolut Business without any other bank

Hello everyone,

I’m creating a company in France (I’m French) and don’t have any professional bank account yet.
Can I use Revolut only, even to get paid by my client, or do I need another bank in-between?

Also, the company has an address in France, but my personal address is in Japan (I don’t have any in France anymore). Will it be an issue?

Thanks for your answers!

I don’t see any issue here, especially since you can have dedicated IBAN number.

Hi @Zequndus !

As long as your company is registered in France we should be able to onboard you! Also, for Standard Onboarding we will not require existing bank statement, however we may ask for some other documentation confirming your business activity.

Once you’ve applied, our team will advise you in more detail what is required.

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the onboarding team will require a proof of business activity and proof of address, that’s quite difficult without an existing bank account

Thanks for your answers, everyone!

  • Proof of address, it should be fine as I’m using a company to host mine, physically.
  • Proof of business activity, it will be complicated… Bank details are required by my client to sign up the contract. And I need a contract to open a bank account.
    Any workaround?

Is there any supervisory authority where you register and get a confirmation that your company is registered? Or did you register for a VAT ID? Something else from the tax authorities?

been registered doesn’t really probe you are performing a legitimate business activity.

just like number plate recognition doesn’t tell if you are crossing the border with contraband or undocumented immigrants or non compliant products…