Revolut blocked by SCHWAB since 2021 - Revolut not meeting their regulatory requirements

Has anyone successfully sent funds from Schwab to Revolut recently?

This is how I filled the “send wire” page on Schwab:

Then, I get this error:

I called SCHWAB, they told me that Revolut is not meeting their Regulatory obligations on confirmation of wire reception, so SCHWAB has blocked Revolut in August 2021, until Revolut provides Schwab with proof that Revolut is meeting their obligations.

Anybody else has the same issue? This is very annoying, I can’t send my funds to Revolut.

I did that transaction in Dec 2020, and it worked well. Now in Dec. 2021, it is being blocked.

REVOLUT support first told me the usual blabla, that REVOLUT meets all their regulatory duties, and that the problem must be with SCHWAB… but now they acknwoledge the issue.

I just let it go and will transfer the USD from Schwab to my WISE account instead. It is just shameful to be a Premium paying customer of a bank (Revolut) and I can’t even send money to my own account… all because Revolut does not meet its regulatory obligations.

Revolut should refund me my Premium fees, really.

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Revolut refused to pay me back any of the Premium fees. You pay for a service and you can’t send money to your account. What a terrible customer service !

Oh no. It worked for me but that was in June last year. I think that’s what you get with ghetto Lithuanian banks :slight_smile: UK was good.