Revolut bank account details (IBAN) in formal pdf format


My French bank (ING DIRECT) refuses to add my Revolut bank account details to the list of accounts which I can transfer money to.
ING requires I send them by post a formal RIB (RELEVE D’IDENTITTE BANCAIRE) containing the IBAN in pdf format. Of course this document is not available on the Revolut App, unforunately. Any clue?


Hey @sebastien78 :slight_smile:

I think the closest you can get to this is a statement containing your name and the IBAN by clicking the accounts button (top-left corner of the app) and swiping on the desired balance :wink:


If it’s about the EUR account you should have the Iban activated (after verification), your own Iban and account.
Swipe left on the account, you will se the statement which can be exported as pdf (print as > save as pdf)

On this it appears your name, address. IBAN and BIC code.

Tho it doesn’t appear many details about Revolut…


hello Juliopp and Iskender,
Actually I think you may have solved my problem. I didn’t know about the statement that can be exported. It seems it contains the right information. I will send this document to ING.

Many thanks for your help!