Rev <18 account conversion

What will happen to Rev <18, when a kid becomes an adult? Will the account be converted to a regular account? or will it be closed so that a regular account can be opened?
Currently, Cash App automatically upgrades the account to regular account without any restrictions.

The latter. The account is not opened in the name of the kid. Cash app probably has a higher minimum age than <18, which is 6 years.


@nomadus Hello :wave: When a Revolut <18 User turns 18, they can continue to use the Revolut <18 account until the earlier of their 19th birthday or until the card expires.

Once a Revolut <18 User turns 18, they will be eligible to sign up for a Revolut personal account. If they do, you should let us know so that we can close the Revolut <18 account and cancel the associated Revolut <18 card.

@Frank Thanks for helping out. :rocket:

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