Request money with iDeal

It’s been said before but to be clear: support in Tikkie for Revolut is up to Tikkie.

The request is to add support for iDeal payment requests in the Revolut app. Now the payment can be done with (credit) card or Apple Pay. Would be useful to add iDeal payment requests. So: create an iDeal QR code

This feature would also make me switch to Revolut completely.

The people around me are used to making payments with Ideal. And now it’s not easy for my friends to pay me back, they often don’t have credit cards and are not familiar with non-Dutch IBAN accounts. Typically, they can’t even transfer money without turning on foreign payments within their internet banking.

It would make splitting bills a lot easier for me if there was a payment request option with IDEAL. And I wouldn’t need my Dutch bank account anymore.

For me this feature is also the last thing I am really missing.

In The Netherlands after every social gathering people share payment requests. All big banks support it and it’s the main way of paying other people here. People can request a fixed amount or it can be an open request (for example for a shared birthday present) - and everything is handled by iDeal and transferred instantly. When you make a request you get a sharable link and everyone can use that link to pay - it’s not limited to one person.

The fact that Revolut does not support this yet is the only reason I have to keep using my ING account when I need to request money from friends.

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In order for Revolut to accept iDEAL payment requests, they should become an iDEAL accredited C2C-provider (“iDEAL geaccrediteerde C2C-aanbieder”), just like Tikkie, the ING app and many more. As other people pointed out, Tikkie is not the solution here, because it only lets you pair with a Dutch IBAN account.

iDEAL payments are a major part in the day-to-day life of millions of Dutch citizens, as someone already pointed out. This not being part of the app is a major missed opportunity and it’s the reason I’m not yet switching to Revolut completely. It’s simply a feature I can’t afford not to have.

Edit: partnering up with SOFORT would make payment requests more accessible for a lot of other European countries, each using their own unique online payment methods (iDEAL in the Netherlands for example).


Just one request to add here:

Make Tikkie requests available for Junior accounts too. When my kids get Tikkie requests they can only pay them from my (Parent) account which doesn’t make sense. I want my kids to have a bank account so I don’t have to worry about stuff that like that. Maybe have a parent approve a Tikkie, but don’t make it so that the payment goes from the main account…