Request money with iDeal

In the Netherlands almost every bank offers ‘betaalverzoek’/‘Tikkie’ (pay request) which is a request you send to a friend/relative and they pay you back via iDeal to have the money on your bank account.

Since the LT and GB IBAN’s are long and not everyone here is used to foreign IBAN’s it would be much easier to have this feature added to Revolut.


Fully agree! I assume that this feature is available now?

Is it? Did you use it?

Revolut doesn’t seem to have that feature like ING for example. Shame.

This is one of the main reasons I can’t let go of my previous bank yet. Are there any updates on this?

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Payment requests via iDeal are a big subject in The Netherlands.
In 2020 61% of the users who pay with iDeal also use it in combination with a payment request.
Source: iDEAL | 15 jaar - iDEAL

It would be great if Revolut can look into this so those who are still holding their previous bank due to this missing feature can move fully to Revolut.


In The Netherlands to really consider Revolut as your main bank this feature is crucial. For me it also keeps me from fully transfering from the traditional banks in The Netherlands. Is there an update on this?


Is it something that Revolut doesn’t support?

Well you should be able to pay most of them, unless the iDEAL partner list isn’t updated ( This thread is about not being able to send iDEAL payment requests to other people.

i had kind of expected this to be a feauture already when i signed up. the whole reason i did was because this being an easy prepaid credit card (didnt have my own) i would be able to use in foreign stores that dont support paypal/ideal.

So it is possible, but like you mentioned, this is not the correct post. And in the other post I have to als ABN-AMRO and RABOBANK to add the possibility to use Revolut with iDeal payment.

iDEAL with Revolut is not available in the Tikkie App itself. If you try to add a bank, the NL is already filled in and unchangeable.
However, there is also the iDEAL App itself.

Oddly, in this App Revolut can be chosen:

Unfortunately it’s not possible to make pay requests with this App. Well, yet :wink:

Are there any updates about this??

Requesting with Apple Pay got added this month, hopefully they can add requesting with Ideal too…

Completely agree that this feature should be added. This would make me want to switch to revolut.

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Yeah this should be added, it is the only feature I am currently missing in revolut.

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This is very important feature for users in the Netherlands

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I am sure this has nothing to do with Revolut but with Tikkie (and probably ABN AMRO since they created the app). Write to Tikkie requesting the ability to add EU IBANs: Tikkie. The more of us do this, the more likely they will implement it.

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Definitely would like this feature. Either using Tikkie, or be able to send iDeal payment requests (or shareable links) to others from within Revolut.

This :point_down:t2:

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