Request from Moldova

I wouldn’t hold your breathe… Chisinau isn’t exactly the most popular place for anyone to visit!

We’re more likely to see SK Won and other touristy countries, imo

That’s what I’m saying. There’s no tourist. And no expats.

Like Saudi riyal. There’s no tourist visa for Saudi therefore no tourism. But there are dozens of millions of expats at least. So they put SAR too.

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Vreau Tevolut in Moldova

While KRW would be a nice addition, I believe it would be virtually impossible to implement due to the regulatory restrictions in place. Unfortunately the same with CNY…
So at least from this perspective MDL is more likely to be implemented as balance currency, but I also agree that it’s a relatively small market and not a primary target for now. Moldova joining EU/EEA sounds like the more realistic way at this stage.

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