Request from Moldova


Hello guys! May I ask you to bring Revolut to citizens of Republic of Moldova. It is a small country in eastern europe but with many migrant workers in EU countries. I am sure that with good marketing, people will switch to your services. Also, will you tell me how soon could that happen?


Apply for romanian citizenship then you can get revolut. It will be probably be faster:)


Lucian! You need more than just Romanian citizenship. A home and one of the bills in your name, and a phone number. I am sure you know how much roaming costs.


When you apply for romanian citizenship you will have an “address” in Romania and a prepaid card with validity of 1Y with romanian number can be bought anywhere. No need to call in roaming as you only need to receive SMS which is free.


Lucian, you are wrong. I have a Romanian citizenship and in the passport is written that my residential address is Moldova. No one gives you a residential address for free, unless they are your relatives. Passports differ from ID cards. SMS may be free in Romania and EU, but Moldova is not part of EU and so all roaming fees will apply.


Realistically speaking, this is - most likely - not going to happen any time soon. Your best bet would be to get somehow registered within the EU (doesnt have to be Romania) and then sign up providing proof of that registration.

If that is not possible I am afraid Revolut is not an option for you for the time being.


You could say something like the following: “I totally agree with you that Moldova should be included in the list!” “I’m sure the guys at Revolut will have no problems at registering in Moldova!”


Let me just quickly check back with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. :wink:


Are people seriously asking someone to apply for another citizenship because of a fintech? :joy:


First, the OP actually has an EU citizenship. Second, nobody suggested applying for another one.


Third, read the entire thread.


You refer to the first response? Point taken. Well, if someone is desperate enough for a Revolut account … :wink:


To recieve an sms is free anywhere in the world and the card cost you 5 eur and is active 1 y


@Specter, Moldova was part of Romania before and they are romanians. That is why applying for romanian citizenship is easy. All citizens from Moldova should regain their romanian nationality back.
As a matter of fact he already had citizenship.


Republic of Moldova is a sovereign and independent country. The fact that Moldovans can apply for Romanian citizenship does not imply that all are eligible. The population is made of various ethnicities that includes predominantly Russians and Ukrainians which obviously have no linkage to Romanians.
I appreciate your efforts guys to share your opinions. I hope that somebody of the decision making team has viewed my request.


Salut stie cineva daca se retrage comision daca scot bani de pe card la un ATM din Moldova ?


In 2014 când am fost eu nu luau comision la cardurile străine (ca aici e chestia).

Revolut nu îți ia nimic.